Brand Carl Lagerfeld
The Master of High Fashion (Karl Lagerfeld) is a unique person - designer, photographer, architect, perfumer, an educated person who speaks three languages. Not a man - a legend! The…

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Louis Vuitton Brand
The French brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) is one of the most prestigious in the fashion world: the most expensive and coveted bags have this particular brand! For 160 years,…

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Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen is one of the most extraordinary fashion designers of our time. Fashion historians praise his workmanship and imagination. According to them, McQueen returned fashionability to fashion, sometimes even…

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Brand Calvin Klein

The prestigious American brand Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is a legend of modern fashion: its creator is considered the “Minister of Jeans,” because it was he who made the denim an object for creativity and brought products from this material to the catwalks of the world! However, not only jeans made this brand famous: magnificent underwear, practical and stylish Unisex clothes, Swiss watches of excellent quality, perfume and cosmetics – all products of this brand are the standard of style combining simplicity, practicality and rationality with elegant classics and innovation.
Calvin Klein Collection

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Donna Karan Brand

The extremely popular brand Donna Karan (Donna Karan) conquered the whole world with a harmonious combination of beauty and rationality of its products. The founder of the brand – an indigenous New Yorker – set the goal of her work to create high-quality, comfortable and, at the same time, elegant costumes for residents of megacities with their frantic pace of life. She succeeded at 100%!
Donna Karan fashion show

Donna Faske was born in 1948 on the outskirts of Manhattan. She started designing the costume not by accident: her father was a tailor, her mother was a fashion model, so drawing clothes was a natural and favorite pastime since childhood. After leaving school, Donna entered the Parson’s School of Design in New York, but failed to finish her studies. She was a sophomore when, in 1968, Anne Klein (Anne Klein) invited her to work at her Fashion House. Continue reading

Brand John Galliano

The famous British designer John Galliano is often called the king of glamor and outrageous: he is the creator of exquisite, breathtaking outfits for the most famous women in the world!

His real name is Juan Carlos Antonio. He was born in 1960 in Gibraltar in an international family: his mother is Spanish, his father is English. When he was six years old, the family moved to London. Since childhood, fond of painting, John Galliano entered the prestigious College of Art and Design of St. Martin. In college, he changed his name to John.
The beginning of a creative biography
John combined college with work: the plumber’s family did not live richly. He got a job as a dresser at the National Theater, becoming an assistant to the famous tailor Tommy Nutter, who made costumes for The Beatles and Sir Elton John. Continue reading

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Roberto Cavalli Brand
The famous Italian brand Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli) is easily recognizable thanks to the original features of the style: stunningly beautiful drawings on various materials that imitate animal skins, rhinestones…


Givenchy is a brand that stands at the top of high fashion Olympus. The clothes of this fashion brand are distinguished by aristocratic lines, expensive fabrics, full of dignity forms.…


Brand Jean-Paul Gaultier
The famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) did not receive special education, but this fact did not prevent him from climbing the Olympus of fashion. The costume models he…


Brand Hubert de Jivanschi
Hubert de Givenchy, the french high-end French fashion designer, is the benchmark for sophisticated elegance, impeccable taste and beauty. His work was a success on a planetary scale thanks to…