Alberta Ferretti Brand
The famous Italian designer (Alberta Ferretti) is known in the fashion world as the creator of stunningly romantic, sophisticated outfits made of light, airy, flowing fabrics. In her creations, she…

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The Italian brand Benetton is known all over the world for its beautiful and practical clothes of bright colors, affordable for a wide range of people. The Benetton family has…

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The Prada brand
The prestigious Italian brand Prada today is known to everyone and everyone thanks to the Hollywood film "The Devil Wears Prada". Despite the solid history of the brand, which was…

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Brand Nina Ricci

The luxury brand Nina Ricci (Nina Ricci) is a symbol of French chic, elegance and sophistication of style. Created in 1932, Nina Ricci Fashion House has gained worldwide fame and popularity not only as a manufacturer of great clothes, but also as the creator of perfume masterpieces, the first of which was the fragrance L’Air du Temps.

The daughter of a shoemaker Marie Adeland Nieli (her house was called Nina) was born in Turin in 1883. Hoping to find wealthy clients, his father decided to move with his family to Monte Carlo, and then to Paris, but he died early, without leaving a penny to a widow. At the age of thirteen, Nina had to get into a haberdashery store, combining work with studies in sewing. A talented girl at the age of 18 became a senior fashionista in an atelier, and at the age of 20 she herself opened a small production for the manufacture of clothes and hats. Things were going well, but the work of the designer attracted her more – since 1908 she worked at the Raffen Fashion House for 20 years, becoming his co-owner.After its closure, at the insistence of Robert’s son, she founded her own Fashion House. By that time, her last name was Ricci – her husband, with whom the marriage failed.
Nina Ricci Collection – Cruise 2012
Brand Nina Ricci (Nina Ricci): collection cruise 2012

Nina Ricci Brand Development

Despite the financial crisis, Nina Ricci Fashion House developed successfully: she did not seek revolutionary transformations in her costume, trying to give charm and elegant appearance to her clients, creating beautiful and high-quality items at a reasonable price. Classic costumes, jacket dresses and “small” dresses were especially popular with Nina Ricci. The features of her corporate identity include the use of feminine silhouettes, impeccable cut, luxurious materials and jewelry in the form of satin ribbons, embroidery, bows and buttons. Perhaps, at that time, the clients of House Nina Ricci were unknown figures, but her outfits easily turned any woman into an exquisite aristocrat!

Aroma Nina Ricci
While Nina Ricci was engaged in design, her son Robert managed the affairs of the company. In an effort to expand the popularity of the company, Robert decided to release fragrances, personally participating in their creation. The first fragrance was published in 1946 – “Сurёur Joie”, and two years later the perfumes “L`Air du Temps” appeared, which brought Dom Ricci world fame and huge profits. Robert Ricci created this magical fragrance for his beloved woman, and love, as you know, is eternal! And today, every 5 seconds, one bottle of these perfumes is sold. By the way, the bottles for the first fragrances from Nina Ricci were created by Mark Lalique: they are beautiful!

The Nina Ricci brand is famous for its perfume compositions, the most famous and demanded of which are Love by Nina, Nina, Love in Paris, Ricci Ricci, Premier Jour, L’air du Temps, Nina L’Elixir. Robert took part in the creation of fragrances until 1988 – until his death. Nowadays, the development of perfume is engaged in the great-grandson of Nina Ricci – Romano.

After the death of Nina Ricci in 1970, the Fashion House was headed by designer Jules-Francois Krae. At the end of the 80s of the XX century, a line of men’s clothing was launched – Ricci Club and a men’s fragrance of the same name was created, in 1992 the production of brand cosmetics was launched.
Nina Ricci Collections
Brand Nina Ricci (Nina Ricci): costume fall-winter 2009-2012, sweater fall 2011, dress fall 2011, the famous dress made of B. Gorberg fabric

In 1998, Nina Ricci became part of Group Puig, a recognized leader among perfume manufacturers in Spain. As a result of the reforms, Nina Ricci Fashion House increased its prestige and expanded its scope of activities. In November 1998, the license for the production of Nina Ricci watches was transferred to the Swiss company Time Avenue SA, which undoubtedly helped to promote the brand’s products on the world market and became a priority in the company’s activities.

Perfume Nina Ricci
In January 1999, the young and creative Natalie Gervais was appointed to the post of art director of the House, who set out to create a new version of Parisian elegance, confirming the slogan: “RICCI House is the embodiment of Parisian splendor in the form of its greatest femininity.”

The collections of Nina Ricci House Fall – Winter 2011-2012 were developed by Peter Copping, a brand new designer who has worked with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton for a long time. His creations delighted fans of the famous brand with the femininity and romance of the proposed models.

It’s nice to see how the Russian scientists’s designs are used in the Nina Ricci House: while Russian designers are thinking, the French are already making stunning models of dresses made of fabric created by professor of Ivanovo Chemical and Technological University B. Gorberg!

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