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Evgenia Ostrovskaya

Evgenia Ostrovskaya is a young talented fashion designer, who, not reaching 25 years old, managed to achieve great success. And the main thing is that she owes her achievements only to herself, not to the pope oligarch, nor to a wealthy patron … herself, she achieved everything herself.

Today, Eugene is the head of a fashion house and a large retail chain of stores of her own brand. And it all started with more than prosaic. The decision to become a designer was made spontaneously, Ostrovskaya did not dream about it since childhood, but the talented person can do everything: Zhenya entered the Moscow State University of Service, a former Technological Institute. Five and a half years later she became a graduate – “Costume Designer”.

Ambitions and aspirations to achieve something more began to manifest themselves while studying. Evgenia Ostrovskaya has repeatedly participated in the Russian Silhouette contest. In addition, even before the age of 23, she managed to attract the attention of Bosco di Ciliegi and Markov buyers, to work as a stylist in the authoritative magazine L’Officiel and to blow up a hall at Russian Fashion Week. Also during her student years, Zhenya, together with her friend Lena Zenchenko, began to try herself on the path of design activity.

After two friends even created their own brand Ge.Le.ZO, the collections of which made a lot of noise in fashion circles. A swaying skirt with joyful strawberries, a silk T-shirt with applique skull, a velvet blouse with a round collar became the dreams of all progressive girls.

However, the Zenchenko / Ostrovskaya alliance did not last long. Zhenya strove to develop, increase production, and grow both professionally and creatively. As a result, it was decided to transfer sewing clothes to Hong Kong, but Lena could not go to China. Thus a new brand “Evgenia Ostrovskaya” was formed.

Hong Kong was not chosen by chance; many Russian fashion brands have long preferred to transfer production there. After all, China offers simply excellent conditions for development: cheap labor, high-quality fabrics and accessories, which would be difficult to get in another country.

Evgenia Ostrovskaya tries to fully control the entire production process. The young designer takes the details very seriously, the choice of fabric and the intricacies of the cut, and as a result – the high quality of clothing under the brand name “Evgenia Ostrovskaya”.

Clothing from Evgenia Ostrovskaya boutiques was intended for fashionable and ironic, active and smart, smiling, and sometimes shocking girls, that is, for those like the designer herself.

In June 2007, Evgenia Ostrovskaya announced the termination of cooperation with the company “Zh”, which owns the rights to the trademark Evgenia Ostrovskaya.

But this does not mean that Evgenia Ostrovskaya will no longer release her collections. Now they come out under the new brand “E2O” – bright and daring things from natural fabrics.

This is clothing for a young girl who keeps up with the times, manages to take care of her own style, confident and bold in choosing her wardrobe, for a charming coquette who can be serious when necessary, and a bit windy when her soul asks.

The name E2O – as precise as the chemical formula – contains the whole philosophy of the brand. The designer is not afraid to experiment and tries to open up new facets of the modern style in her collections – as if new formulas reflected in the plastic of fabrics, in complex designs, in graphic prints, in combinations of traditions of different cultures.
“I am always extremely attentive to ensure that the thing is comfortable and cozy, of high quality and stylish. My clothes create a mood and reflects the state of mind, ”Eugene characterizes her collections.

Fashion – from those substances whose composition is difficult to calculate with extreme accuracy, in E2O – you will find a new formula of modern style from Evgenia Ostrovskaya.

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Evgenia Ostrovskaya
Evgenia Ostrovskaya is a young talented fashion designer, who, not reaching 25 years old, managed to achieve great success. And the main thing is that she owes her achievements only…


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