Guccio Gucci, a young man, began his career at the Savoy Hotel in London. Although there he was both a waiter, a dishwasher, and an errand boy, Guchio had the…

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Dolce & Gabbana Brand
Novelty, non-standard and original solutions of the models, impeccable workmanship made the Dolce & Gabbana brand one of the most sought-after in the world literally from the moment of its…

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Style, grace, minimalism - these are the qualities that unite every product created by Prada. A world-famous company for the production of bags, clothes, accessories and cosmetics is one of…

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Kenzo Takada, founder of Kenzo Fashion House, was born in Kyoto, southern Japan, on February 27, 1939. He was the fifth of seven children. From childhood, he was destined for the writer, but as a boy, Takada felt a craving for fashion. As the famous couturier himself recalls, already at school age he tried to copy the models seen in the Sunflower magazine.

After school, at the insistence of parents, Kenzo enters Kobe Gaibo University in order to study English literature, but after a short time, the young man’s craving for fashion takes its toll. He leaves the university, despite the protest of his parents, and leaves for Tokyo, where he dreams of realizing his dreams.

In 1958, Takada was enrolled in the Bunka Gakuen fashion school. Kenzo is not at all embarrassed by the fact that almost only girls study at school, the desire to become a designer is much stronger. After three years of study, Kenzo won his first Soen prize and was immediately hired by the Sanai department store, at the end of 1960.

However, Kenzo does not stop there, he wants more, so at the first opportunity in 1965 he leaves Japan and leaves for Paris – one of the most important centers of world fashion. However, after seeing the shows of famous fashion designers, Takada Kenzo realizes that his vision of fashion is strikingly different, as a result of which, for the first time in France, he simply digests what he saw.

Kenzo returned to the development of his own models only in 1970. At first he creates models and sells them in various famous designers and in boutiques, then Louis Ferroud became one of the buyers of his models. But Kenzo never leaves dreams of his own store. Jungle Jap – Kenzo opened its own store on April 15, 1970, the day after its first show.

Kenzo fashion house, and accordingly the label, was founded only in 1976. During its existence, the house has gained an excellent reputation, a large number of fans and a significant place in the world of high fashion.

Couturier Takada Kenzo made an invaluable contribution to the development of fashion:

– Kenzo’s discovery is an ornament of small flowers, a plaid in combination with striped fabric, bold inventions of shades of flowers;
– It was he who introduced the shade of constructive and deconstructive creativity, called Couture Destructuree, into French fashion;
– In 1977, Kenzo presented to the public a long wide jacket, which remained popular among more than one generation of fashionistas and fashionistas;
– He was also the first to introduce to the fashionable public (in 1978) a short jacket with short and wide trousers, such a combination can be found on the street today too;
– In addition, Takada brought into fashion simple, even slightly childish silhouettes – knee-length shorts, mini-coats, sweater dresses, huge berets and, of course, kimono sleeves.

In 1999, Takada left the Kenzo fashion house. Today, Antonio Marras is the lead designer of the house. But the style of the company remains the same, Kenzo House, as before, produces collections of clothes, the main characteristics of which are expressive emotions, children’s playfulness, lightness and unusual unity of world cultures.

Today, Kenzo fashion house presents the collections of Kenzo Homme, Kenzo Jeans, Kenzo Jungle, Kenzo Enfant, Kenzo Bebe, Kenzo Accessories, Kenzo Maison, as well as women’s and men’s perfume line. Home fragrances: Kenzo (1988), Kenzo pour Homme (1991), Parfum d`ete, Kashaya de Kenzo, l`Eau par Kenzo, Kenzo Jungle.

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