Mango brand
The world-famous Spanish brand Mango (Mango), engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of fashionable clothes and accessories, was created relatively recently - in 1984 in Barcelona. Its founders -…

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One can hardly find a person who has not heard the name of Giorgio Armani. The celebrity of this Italian designer can only compete with his ability to create masterpieces…

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Brand Jean-Paul Gaultier
The famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) did not receive special education, but this fact did not prevent him from climbing the Olympus of fashion. The costume models he…

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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the most extraordinary fashion designers of our time. Fashion historians praise his workmanship and imagination. According to them, McQueen returned fashionability to fashion, sometimes even turning into provocative sexuality, returning lace, transparent fabric and lowered pants sitting on the waist so low that a hollow between the buttocks is visible.

Alexander McQueen is the son of a simple taxi driver, born in 1969. He drew his first dress at the age of three, and Alexander began to learn the skills of a fashion designer at the age of 16, when he became a cutter in one of the ateliers. After graduating from the prestigious College of Painting, Design and Fashion in St. Martins (a suburb of London), Alexander McQueen learned the basics of tailor’s art, first in London, then in Tokyo with Koji Tatsuno, and then in Milan with Romeo Gigli.

Alexander McQueen presented his first collection at the London ready-to-wear week. Since that time, he has long become the bad boy of British fashion. In one of his interviews, McQueen said that clothes should evoke strong emotions, without leaving the viewer indifferent. It is unlikely that at least one of his collections left the audience indifferent!
He wrapped fashion models in cellophane, decorated their jackets with traces of car tires and produced black models on the catwalk in handcuffs.
To portray the disaster that caused crop failure in Africa, he dumped his dresses in the mud and attached dead locusts to them.
Another time, he staged a show in the church and said: “Religion is the source of all wars in the world.”
And his shocking show, entitled “Violence against Scotland” in memory of the massacre by Great Britain in Scotland in the 18th century, the girls then appeared on the catwalk in torn clothes with bandages sticking out from under the Scottish skirts.

In the fall of 1996, Alexander McQueen was awarded the “Best Designer of the Year” award by the British Fashion Council. Then he received an invitation to work as the chief fashion designer at Givenchy Fashion House. He replaced at this place Galliano, who went to work at the Dior Fashion House.

Over the years, Givenchy House was considered a citadel of Parisian taste, Audrey Hepburn’s refined elegance became the personification of his style. It’s easy to imagine the public’s reaction to the fact that Alexander McQueen will work in a symbol of French elegance. Yes, not by anyone, but by the chief designer!

The first Alexander McQueen collection for Givenchy House was quite aggressively received by the French press. However, strangely enough, this did not push customers away at home, but rather allowed to attract new ones – Titanic star Kate Winslet, Celine Dion, Victoria Adams, Alexander McQueen’s shows not only attract public attention, besides, the models sell well.

However, this did not prevent in October 2001, Givenchy announced the termination of cooperation with the designer. By that time, the Gucci Group had already acquired 51% of the shares of the Alexander McQueen brand for $ 80 million, and Alexander McQueen was completely immersed in the work of the creative director of his personal label.
One by one, his boutiques began to open in London, Tokyo, Milan and New York.

In 2006, Alexander McQueen introduced his new democratic line McQ, which presents men’s and women’s clothing. The McQ youth line is targeted at a wide consumer market and costs about 40% cheaper than items from the Alexander McQueen collection.

It is noteworthy that, after the debut of the new line, McQueen will not represent McQ’s signature fragrance contrary to tradition. In his opinion, people who will wear McQ clothes will not use perfumes, they smell like pubs and cigarettes.

Despite all the extravagance of the Alexander McQueen models, one cannot but note their perfect cut. These are things that are designed to be worn. Models for strong, independent personalities, women who know a lot about things. And each woman must decide for herself whether to wear them or not.

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