Brand Calvin Klein
The prestigious American brand Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is a legend of modern fashion: its creator is considered the “Minister of Jeans,” because it was he who made the denim…

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Christian Dior
On January 21, 2007, the famous Christian Dior haute couture house celebrated its creator's 102nd birthday. Crossing the "boundaries" in the fashion world, the great designer Christian Dior invented the…

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Kira Plastinina
Kira Plastinina is a young designer who was able to gain popularity in a short period of her activity (the first store appeared in Moscow in early 2007) and gain…

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Diane von Furstenberg

Biographies of famous fashion designers are similar as two punctuation marks: born, studied, fell in love, inspired … In the case of Diana von Furstenberg, all the fun begins at the stage of “married”, and the stage of “falling in love” was safely skipped. In the early 70s, a stubborn woman married an Austrian prince. As Diana later admitted in an interview, she “just wanted to be the wife of a rich man.” This gave her independence and freedom of action. In 1973, she released her first collection.

Diane von Furstenberg herself presented her first dresses. Not fashion models and not supermodels – the author of the collection herself looked at customers from advertising posters.
She sat on the box, dressed in a colorful dress, and the advertising slogan read: “Feel like a woman, put on a dress!”.

Then Diana von Furstenberg said that in the first dresses she invented, there was nothing special – “just a piece of fabric with sleeves.” But on this fabric there were dazzlingly bright prints, and the silhouette, the so-called hourglass, made any figure attractive. The dresses did not have a single fastener, so they were easy to remove and put on. They did not hesitate, they could be worn at work, on a romantic date, and at a party with friends.
In this simplicity and versatility was the secret of success.

Over the next couple of decades, Diane von Furstenberg tried herself in many areas of work – from clothing to books. There were times when she did not directly participate in the creation of clothes. But in the early 1990s, Diana returned to business as a fashion designer. The last decade of the twentieth century was a time of change. And Diana von Furstenberg caught the latest trends in the air.

In 1992, she came up with a silk hoodie called Silk Assets. It has been successfully sold. And a little later, Diana found out that young girls are enthusiastically buying up the dresses she released in the early 70s. In 1997, Diana introduced a new version of the old model of dresses. Another fabric, a shorter bottom, smaller collars – but the basic principles remained the same. So the brand Diane von Furstenberg was revived under the direct supervision of the brilliant Diana.

Wrap dresses are still a Diane von Furstenberg brand. They are in constant demand among New York, Paris, London and Moscow fashionistas.
But besides this, the famous fashion designer produces many types of other clothes. These are loose shirt dresses, and cashmere coats, and sweaters, and cardigans.

One of the collections of Diane von Furstenberg is called “Working Girl”, when it is created, Fürstenberg focuses on business clothes and is inspired by the image of a self-sufficient modern girl. It is for her that dresses, jackets and suits are intended. Our contemporary is equally confident in driving her car and her life. Therefore, she needs the same expressive clothing that reflects the dynamics of life and the personality of the girl wearing her.
These are exactly the things Diane von Purstenberg offers.

At the same time, Diana does not forget about elegance and femininity for a second. A woman should always remain herself and attract admiring glances, says Diana. At the office, at business negotiations, in the car – it must always produce the best impression on others.

Among the things of this brand bright colors prevail. Impeccable cut, noble fabrics and the most unexpected design decisions – all this, it turns out, can organically combine with each other. Diane von Furstenberg clothing makes every girl more confident. They give peace and inspire self-esteem. And it is necessary for a modern girl like air – both at work, and on the way to rest, and on a romantic date in a restaurant.

It is difficult to apply the term “collection” to the works of Diana von Furstenberg. Her things are not limited to the requirement to “stay within the framework of color, style or something else.” However, there is not a drop of vulgarity or unbridledness in them. Is it just a little bit of mischief and a hint of recklessness. Indeed, in each of us lives a bold, decisive woman, always ready to put on a beautiful dress and go in it to conquer new heights.

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