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The laconic style of the famous Italian fashion designer Nino Cerruti, who dressed the main characters of Beauty and Basic Instinct, has long captivated the whole world from Tokyo to New York with its luxurious simple.

His work is based on three “whales”: freedom of combination of fabrics, freedom of design and those forms in clothes that perfectly match the shape of the body. In order to wear his clothes, you must have one quality – to be able to be at ease.

The history of Cerruti begins more than a century ago. In 1881, three brothers Anthony, Quintino and Stefano Cerruti opened a small textile manufactory Lanificio Felli Cerruti in Biella (Northern Italy). These places have long been famous for the production of high-quality woolen fabrics. However, it was Nino Cherruti who brought the family business to a qualitatively new level and made a revolutionary revolution in the world of fashion.

Nino Cherutti, born in 1930, from the age of 10 began to get acquainted with the basics of his craft. In one of his interviews, Nino Cherruti even joked: “If there was straw in the nursery of the infant Christ, then in the nursery of the infant Nino was wool!”
In 1950, after the death of his father, Nino left the university, where he studied journalism, and at the age of 20 he headed the family business. Then his textile factory already had a reputation as the best in Italy for the production of wool for men’s suits.

In 1957, Nino Cherruti launched the first line of men’s clothing, since then Cerruti has become not only a brand of high-grade woolen fabrics, but also a brand of men’s clothing of unsurpassed quality.

In 1967, a studio with a male pret-a-porter line was opened in Paris, and in 1968 textile production was transformed into an international brand, and the Cerruti brand store was opened in Paris on Place de la Madeleine. By the Cherutti brand, the whole world saw clothes that cannot be worn except with simplicity, chic and naturalness.
In the 70s, Nino Cherruti was one of those who contributed to the phrase “Made in Italy” becoming a synonym for quality and a modern approach to life.

Since the 60s, Nino Cherruti begins to create clothes for the filming of the most famous artists. The first sign was a collection of costumes in blue and blue for the actress Anita Ekberg in the movie “Sweet Life”. The phrase “blue from Cerruti” has long been associated with the name Cerruti.

Nino’s success in cinema was truly huge, in the credits of the highest grossing films in Europe and America there is his name: “Emmanuelle”, “Obscene offer”, “Pretty Woman”, “Basic instinct”, “Sliver”, “Miami Police. Department of Morals” , “The Pearl of the Nile”, “Sabrina”, “The vicissitudes of fate”, “Mars attacks”, more than 90 films in total!

Often trying on Cerruti’s things on set, and Ktera in life became his clients – Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone), Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas), Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford), Richard Gere (Richard Gere), Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis) , Catherine Deneuve, Jack Nicholson, Jean-Paul Belmondo and many others know that no one will make them more elegant and seductive.

Cherutti admits that he knows how to emphasize the character of a character. Sometimes you just need to make his clothes a little too big, as was the case with Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct. It was Cerruti who provided Richard Gere with an impressive wardrobe of 100 costumes in the movie Krastotka, offered Jack Nicholson a soft pink cloak in Eastwick Witches, and provided Sharon Stone with stunning sexy outfits in Basic Instinct. It is not surprising that at the end of the 20th century, the annual Oscar ceremony was nothing more than a Cherutti fashion show. Thanks to the movie, millions of people all over the world know Cherutti as a great fashion designer.

2,000 stores in 25 countries are the best example of the position so relevant in modern fashion business: “every fashion creator should be an industrialist, and every industrialist should be creative.” One of the successes of the master’s work in his amazing scent for new talents: at different times, Giorgio Armani, Naziso Rodriguez, Peter Speliopoulos and others worked with him. And the technological and constructive finds of the Cerruti brand were picked up by many designers from Armani to Donna Karan, from Kevin Klein to Prada.

And yet, the main thing in the success of Nino Cherutti is that his clothes create an incomparable sense of calm, which is so necessary in an era of constant stress. The creed of Nino Cherutti is a fashion for free and civilized people.

In 2001, the 70-year-old designer announced that he was going to leave his company and sell his remaining 49% of the shares to Fin.part financial group, which after that became the full owner of the brand.

The new owner of Cerruti has become a large company MatlinPatterson, with offices in New York, Hong Kong, London. Philippe Cleach, a lawyer who has worked with the Cerruti Fashion House for over 20 years, has taken over as CEO.

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