Fashion house Moschino, whose value is estimated today at approximately 210 billion Italian liras, was founded by Franco Moschino. Moschino brand stores are located in major cities around the world,…

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Brand Versace
The prestigious Versace brand is very popular among the elite of the whole world due to the chic, brilliance and luxury of its creations. Since its founding in 1978, when…

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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent is a truly legendary name from the world of haute couture. Toilets from Yves Saint Laurent are considered a model of grace and elegance, the dream of…

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Roberto Cavalli

The Roberto Cavalli fashion house is one of the most noble houses, which has become an integral part of the high fashion world. The company’s turnover is $ 150 million per year and claims to be the fame of Versace himself.

The founder of the fashion house, Roberto Cavalli, was born in Florence in 1940 in a highly artistic family. Roberto Cavalli inherited his creative talent by inheritance, his maternal grandfather is the world famous Florentine artist – impressionist Giuseppe Rossi.

Following a family tradition, Roberto graduated from the Florentine Academy of Arts. It was there that he received the basic skills and knowledge in the field of design and fine art, which later came in handy to him.

The young designer Roberto Cavalli began his career by manually painting t-shirts, which he then sold to vacationers Saint Tropez and the Cote d’Azur. However, perseverance and undeniable talent helped the young man achieve unprecedented success.

In the world of world fashion, Roberto Cavalli appeared in the sixties of the last century. He impressed the fashion world with his unique style, which surprisingly combined the knowledge gained at the academy with new trends, new ideas about music and fashion. Roberto chose leather as the main working material, which until then was used only for sewing sports cut jackets.

Using new treatments, Cavalli made the skin an ultra-soft, flexible and sophisticated material, perfectly suited for all occasions. Today, leather, like many years ago, remains one of the most beloved materials of the famous couturier.

The name Roberto Cavalli will forever remain in the history of haute couture, thanks to such achievements as:
– It was Roberto Cavalli who invented the famous patchwork technique;
– He proved that it is possible to sew from leather not only sports jackets, but also luxurious stylish outfits;
– Roberto Cavalli has developed a new laser printing technique;
– Cavalli was the first to add to the fashion the rays of the African sun and the colors of the rainforest.

The “woman” of the Cavalli fashion house is a predator, and in order to once again emphasize her wild and pristine sexuality, the designer expertly uses snake skin, animal skins and bird feathers to create her models. Nature is Robert Cavalli’s main inspiration.

Among the clients of the fashion house Roberto Cavalli at different times, such famous personalities as Madonna, Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Holly Barry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elton John, Cher, Leni Kravitz were noticed John Bon Jovi and Bono. However, models from the Cavalli house are not only celebrity clothes, they are accessible to fashionistas with less famous names.

Today, the Roberto Cavalli fashion house, in addition to women’s clothing, is developing a line of underwear, swimwear, glasses, bags, watches, shoes, household goods, as well as children’s clothing – Roberto Cavalli Angels for girls and Roberto Cavalli Devils for boys. In addition, in 2002, a perfume with the original feminine fragrance Roberto Cavalli was released, and in 2003 the men’s perfume Cavalli Man appeared.

Clothing from Cavalli, according to the designer, is “fashion for those who are young in soul and at any age feel young.” Clothing with the Roberto Cavalli brand label is chosen both by respectable business women and teenagers, whose Just Cavalli youth line clothing is simply in great demand.

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