What is a Fashion House?
How is a fashion house different from a fashion brand or just a fashion designer Studying the world of fashion, you probably have come across the term “Fashion House” more…

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Dolce & Gabbana Brand
Novelty, non-standard and original solutions of the models, impeccable workmanship made the Dolce & Gabbana brand one of the most sought-after in the world literally from the moment of its…

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Brand Valentino

The legendary Italian brand Valentino (Valentino) has been around for more than half a century, invariably enjoying popularity among women and men around the world. He became a symbol of elegance, luxury and chic thanks to the creativity of a talented designer, brand founder, Valentino Garavani. To buy a Valentino brand product means to join the world of the elite, in which luxury, beauty and exquisite taste reign.

Valentino Garavani – a creative way

Valentino Garavani was born in May 1932 in the north of Italy, in the small provincial town of Voghera. Already in his teens, he decided to become a fashion designer, as he loved to “draw fashion” and was interested in the sewing process. Entering the Italian fashion school, he did not stay there long: in 1950, Valentino Garavani moved to Paris, where he continued his studies at the School of Fine Arts at the High Fashion Syndicate.

He lived in the capital of world fashion for eight years: he studied not only in an educational institution, but also in the fashion houses of Jean Dess and Guy Laroche, as well as dancing, visiting theaters.

Returning to Italy in the late 1950s, Valentino Garavani opened his own studio in Rome, Via Condotti.

First Valentino Collection

He created his first collection in 1959 for the competition of the International Secretariat for Wool, where he was waiting for success. This collection won the competition, launching his fastest career in the fashion world.
A. Jolie with a bag from Valentino and designer with N. Vodyany
Brand Valentino (Brand Valentino) – photo: Angelina Jolie and baby with accessory from Valentino; Valentino designer with model Natalia Vodianova

A real sensation in fashion was his 1962 collection at a show at the Pitti Palace in Florence: publications appeared about him in the world press, orders for models of clothes from buyers rained down.

Valentino Fashion House

Soon, the young designer opened his own Fashion House in Rome, whose clients were the most famous women in the world: Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and others. His magnificent dresses had an exquisite silhouette, original design, creating a sensual and sophisticated look. women. Not surprisingly, the Valentino brand was very popular in Hollywood: Valentino Garavani dresses for the red carpet were ordered by Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Brooke Shields, Courtney Love and many other stars.

White Valentino Collection

The pinnacle of Valentino Garavani’s work was the White Collection, created in 1967 and dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy: art historians believe that she is the most perfect creation of the fashion master! That year, designers used colorful materials for their models, while Garavani used a snow-white miracle! Elegant coats, elegant hats, classic suits – all in white: elegant, elegant, amazingly beautiful! In the same collection, a monogram in the form of the letter “V” – the brand logo, first appeared.
Stars in dresses from Valentino
Brand Valentino (Brand Valentino) – photo: public appearances of stars in dresses by Valentino

The famous red dress from Valentino

White is happy for Garavani, but his favorite is red. Valentino Red Dress is an independent brand! In each of his collections, Garavani presented to the public a new red dress, to demonstrate which invited famous women of the world. Once he was shown by the ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Maya Plisetskaya. Valentino Garavani himself states: “Red is the best color. It suits any woman, just remember that there are more than 30 different shades of red. Life, death, passion, the best way to end longing is what red is. You can’t take your eyes off the woman in red. ” It is difficult to disagree, looking at his masterpieces: they are incomparable!

Bags and perfumes from Valentino

Valentino Garavani was an innovator in many aspects of the modeling business. He was the first designer to prepare a collection of men’s haute couture clothing. In 1978, the first perfume under the Valentino brand was released, which was also an innovation. Since then, the fragrances of this brand have been one of the most coveted, combining luxury with romance and sensuality. Bags from Valentino are also very beloved.

Watches by Valentino

In 2003, the first Valentino Timeless watch collection was created, created by the Fashion House in partnership with the leader of the Italian watch market, Sector Group. As a result of this collaboration, a watch was created combining impeccable design with high Swiss quality.

Awards and prizes

In the 60s, the designer received two prestigious awards in America, one of which – the Neumann Marcos Prize – is considered an analogue of the Oscars in fashion. In 1990, the designer opens the Valentino Fashion Academy in Rome, which provides support for young talents.

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