Evgenia Ostrovskaya
Evgenia Ostrovskaya is a young talented fashion designer, who, not reaching 25 years old, managed to achieve great success. And the main thing is that she owes her achievements only…

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Brand Nina Ricci
The luxury brand Nina Ricci (Nina Ricci) is a symbol of French chic, elegance and sophistication of style. Created in 1932, Nina Ricci Fashion House has gained worldwide fame and…

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Donna Karan Brand
The extremely popular brand Donna Karan (Donna Karan) conquered the whole world with a harmonious combination of beauty and rationality of its products. The founder of the brand - an…

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Brand Carl Lagerfeld

The Master of High Fashion (Karl Lagerfeld) is a unique person – designer, photographer, architect, perfumer, an educated person who speaks three languages. Not a man – a legend!
The work of Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld – photo: Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring-Summer Collection for Fendi (supermodel Anya Rudik)

He was born on September 10, 1938 in Hamburg into a prosperous and prosperous family, thanks to which he received excellent upbringing and education, including studying at a school under the High Fashion Syndicate.

At age 16, he won the competition for a sketch of a coat model, sharing luck with Yves Saint Laurent. The jury consisted of eminent designers – Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy and Pierre Balmain. A talented young man was invited to work at the Pierre Balmain fashion house. Four years later, he had already become the artistic director of Jean Patou Fashion House, creating the Haute couture collections.
Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows
In 1964, Karl Lagerfeld performed an unprecedented act – he began working immediately with four large Fashion Houses – “Krizia”, “Fendi”, “Chloe” and “Charles Laurdan”! For each of them he managed to create original collections that have nothing to do with each other.

Soon he became the chief designer of Chloe. Without leaving his position at Chloe, Karl Lagerfeld founded his brand in 1974, but it did not bring high profits.
Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows
In 1979, he was invited to become a professor at the Vienna Higher School of Applied Arts ”(Hochschule fur angewalte Kunst).

The biggest success in the life of Karl Lagerfeld is the position of art director at the Chanel Fashion House – the most influential in the fashion world. This happened in 1983, when the owners of the House were already desperate to find a candidate for this place after 12 years of searching.
Fashion Shows Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld accomplished the impossible: he “revived” the dying brainchild of Coco Chanel, breathing in his second life, while preserving its traditions and aesthetics. Surprisingly, the Chanel costume collections he creates every year combine tradition and novelty at the same time! It is impossible to blame him for anything: the models of House Chanel are easily recognizable by a number of signs inherent in the style of its founder, but they are relevant, fashionable and creative! His style can be attributed to the “neoclassical”: aesthetics and elegance are intertwined with sensuality and sexuality.
Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows
Over the years, Lagerfeld has tactfully transforming classic Chanel costumes using fashionable details and additions, but keeping true to the original. Some critics reproach him for his commitment to the “old lady” tweed, hinting at the lack of novelty and relevance, but Lagerfeld is unperturbed: his creations are bought up for $ 2,500 apiece!
Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows
In his work, he pays attention to accessories, because they are of great importance in creating the image. Hairstyles in the form of hats made of feathers or disheveled monkey fur, unusual glasses and handbags – his imagination is endless! For example, the “body friendly” handbag he created has a saddle shape, specially adapted to the shape of the space between the arm and hip.
Karl Lagerfeld – fashion show
In addition to clothing, he creates collections of watches and glasses under the Chanel brand.

Every year, Karl Lagerfeld creates more than 2500 sketches, that is, 7 models a day – amazing working capacity and dedication to the profession!

The creation of perfume is his passion: his masterpieces “Chloe” (1975), “KL” (1982), “KL pour Homme” (1986), “Lagerfeld Photo” (1990), “Sun Moon Stars” (1996), “ Jako “(1997) – popular all over the world. Karl Lagerfeld’s perfume creations for women are full of romance, the charm of femininity and sensuality, for men – expression, outrageousness and drive.

The tireless Karl Lagerfeld sleeps four hours a day, and spends the remaining time on work and hobbies. He has no bad habits, the diet is very rational, while he daily visits the gym.

Karl LagerfeldTalents of this man do not have a number: as a photo artist, he places his work in the most prestigious glossy magazines, for many years in a row draws up Pirelli calendars; wrote the book Karl Lagerfeld’s Diet; creates aromas and so on. He has his own 7L publishing house and an art gallery in Paris called Lagerfeld Gallery – Studio 7L.

He still works in several Fashion Houses, being a freelance artist, has a lot of awards in the field of design and photography, including being the Commander of the Legion of Honor (2010).

“The reason for my success is the ability to always go ahead, ahead of time. Creativity, work and personal life are a single whole for me, ”says the designer about himself.

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