Roberto Cavalli Brand
The famous Italian brand Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli) is easily recognizable thanks to the original features of the style: stunningly beautiful drawings on various materials that imitate animal skins, rhinestones…

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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent is a truly legendary name from the world of haute couture. Toilets from Yves Saint Laurent are considered a model of grace and elegance, the dream of…

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Coco Chanel
Gabrielle Chanel was born in 1883 in a poor family, where her mother was constantly sick, and her father often allowed himself to "walk". When the mother died, none of…

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Calvin Klein

One of the most respected and well-known in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein began its history in 1968. The company was founded by two old friends Barry Schwartz and Calvin Klein. The first was involved in building and running a business. The designer talent of the second one created that unique spirit of natural beauty, sensual drawing and laconic purity of the lines that distinguish the world famous brand.

Thanks to the talent of the creators of the brand, it quickly attracted the attention of the audience and won fame and vocation. Throughout life, the creators of the fashion house have constantly developed their business, mastering all new directions, observing the latest trends and following the latest fashion trends, while steadily maintaining harmony of integrity, which is inherent only to real creators. This very harmony with an elusive fleur envelops everything created by the fashion house, invisibly combining so different things, as if putting an identification mark, clearly distinguishable to the initiates.

Clothing Calvin Klein has a clear sexual connotation, but you can wear it completely calmly. The simplicity and harmony, naturalness and beauty create a relaxed pacifying atmosphere. The unique Calvin Klein is sensuality on the verge, a tiny drop of scandal, a deep meaning and laconic style.

For each of the lines of the Calvin Klein house (Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, perfumes, household goods, glasses, watches, children’s clothing, jewelry), an advertising concept is developed to best influence the general perception of the brand by different target audiences.

In 1982, Calvin Klein introduced the Calvin Klein Underwear line in the market. The advertising campaign was built on the sexual attractiveness of the heroes of advertising. The beauty and simplicity of the proposed product was demonstrated by young beautiful models. The magnificent work of the photographers conveyed the atmosphere of a fetish, the object of desire, which was created in the photographs, sexuality was emphasized by a large number of naked bodies, nevertheless bearing the slightest hint of vulgarity and licentiousness.

Calvin Klein was the first to make denim jeans a design item in the early 80s. The new direction of Calvin Klein Jeans was presented by the advertising campaign insolently and brightly. Young Brooke Shields smiled seductively from advertising posters – “Do you know that there is nothing between me and my jeans?” Another version of the advertising slogan is “There is nothing between me and my Kelvin.”

The case was not limited to one case of advertising on the verge of scandal, and its creators went further. Very well-known actor Mark Wahlberg managed to convey the special rebellious spirit of the fashion house – fresh and sharp.

Color prints (a rarity with classical black and white) had a special effect on the target audience. For them, advertisers used models with a specific appearance – very thin graceful girls with expressive eyes advertised clothes, taking provocative poses, and very soon became associated with the advertised brand.

In 1992, Puritan America again experienced a serious shock: on the posters, the half-naked little-known Kate Moss and rapper Marks Mark are both skinny, similar to each other with their faces, hair, clothes and figures. They touted a new line that both boys and girls could wear. Youth met the novelty with a bang.

Calvin Klein was repeatedly accused of a tendency to pedophilia in advertising, immorality and incorrectness when using minors, but the feeble Kate Moss only looked like a child, in fact, she had already come of age, and the charges were dropped. And scandalousness only fueled public interest. Kate Moss, being a notorious personality, became a model of the house and brought him even more fame. Her participation in the campaigns was heatedly discussed and attracted even more fans.

All advertising campaigns at home are carried out on a grand scale and are accompanied by constant success – new items immediately become popular.

So it was with aromas. The fragrance under the name “OBSESSION” (translated – “Obsession”) was advertised by the same Kate Moss – very bold, bright, prints became cult and were remembered by many. And the work done with a group photo of naked people was striking in its frankness and fully reflected the concept of the campaign.

By 1993, in the fashion industry, there were still undeveloped and untested directions, one of which later became known as “unisex”. Launched this year by Calvin Klein, the conceptually new fragrance “CK One” is suitable for both men and women. With this unisex smell, the fashion house made a breakthrough and occupied a previously vacant niche.

Calvin Klein, a regular at Studio 54 Club, is the embodiment of the cherished American dream. He, who had undergone a course of treatment at the drug treatment clinic, married happily, leads a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys the fruits of his labor. His own talent allowed him to build a fortune and gain worldwide fame and vocation.

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