Armani Brand
The famous Italian brand Armani (Armani) is a symbol of prestige and respectability literally since its founding in 1975. The creator of the brand, Giorgio Armani, did not immediately find…

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Diane von Furstenberg
Biographies of famous fashion designers are similar as two punctuation marks: born, studied, fell in love, inspired ... In the case of Diana von Furstenberg, all the fun begins at…

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Brand Hubert de Jivanschi
Hubert de Givenchy, the french high-end French fashion designer, is the benchmark for sophisticated elegance, impeccable taste and beauty. His work was a success on a planetary scale thanks to…

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Alberta Ferretti Brand

The famous Italian designer (Alberta Ferretti) is known in the fashion world as the creator of stunningly romantic, sophisticated outfits made of light, airy, flowing fabrics. In her creations, she rarely uses bright colors and contrasting combinations of colors and textures, so the discreet beauty of her models is revealed gradually, but then they fall in love with them forever!

Alberta was born in 1950 in the small Italian town of Catholica (Cattolica Vecchia). Her childhood was spent in one of the most picturesque places in the world – on the Adriatic coast. We all come from childhood: since then, the designer’s favorite colors are shades of blue, turquoise, beige and brown – the colors of the sea, clear sky and tan!

Alberta’s mother was a successful dressmaker, who had a large atelier for this town, with a staff of 18 people. The girl liked the work of her mother, which is not surprising.
Creativity and business
At the age of 18, the girl opened her own boutique selling branded clothing. Realizing in time that she was born for creativity, in 1974 she created a collection under her own brand, and in 1980 founded the company AEFFE together with her brother Massimo. Today it is one of the largest companies in the fashion industry, owning such well-known brands as Moschino, Pollini, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez, Basso & Brook, and, of course, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. The latest brand was created in 1984 and is aimed at young people.

The first show of Alberta Ferretti collections at Milan Fashion Week took place in 1981 with great success: everyone liked her sophisticated style with light fabrics and noble shades of color! In her airy, weightless outfits, a woman turns into an ethereal, ephemeral creature, resembling an ancient nymph or goddess!

Another favorite topic in the work of Alberta Ferretti is the design of a women’s coat: it is this element of clothing that can create a romantic image of a woman in the cold season. When all designers vying to offer jackets, she creates new styles of coats!
Alberta Ferretti shoes

However, the designer does not stop in her development, mastering all new types of creativity: perfume, accessories, glasses, shoes, sports and children’s clothes – everything is subject to her!

In the 90s, two perfume compositions were created: fresh and light fragrance Femina (Femina) and the enchanting perfume Parfume de Nuit (Perfume de Nuit). In autumn 2010, in collaboration with Elisabeth Arden, the fragrance Alberta Ferretti, belonging to the wood-flower group, was presented and was a complex cocktail made from notes of freesia, Sicilian bergamot, pink paprika, ylang-ylang and lily with patchouli oil at the base.

An interesting model of ruby ​​shoes for Ellie, created by Alberta Ferretti in 2009 for a competition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first adaptation of the fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz”: the unusual form of shoes and the texture of the material covered with Swarovski crystals testify to the creativity of the author.

Each new show of Alberta Ferretti collections is an event in the fashion world that her fans are looking forward to. Among them are famous singers, Hollywood stars, members of royal families and many famous women of the world.

The spring – summer – 2011 collection, made in the bohemian style, was replete with romantic models of translucent chiffon, which did not leave anyone indifferent: they are magnificent!

Clothing models of the new collection of the designer fall – winter 2011-2012 are made in the spirit of the 60s of the XX century: trapezoidal silhouettes, high boots, length – above the knees. The collection turned out to be interesting and, surprisingly, quite practical. The color palette of materials includes tones that are not characteristic of the designer: blue, carrot, rich turquoise, the color of malachite and fading fuchsia, however, it has noble shades, which determines the created image as a whole. Alberta Ferretti knows how to surprise!

Alberta Ferretti is a talented designer, a wonderful person and a happy woman who has a husband, two sons and a brother who conduct business at AEFFA, leaving her the freedom for creativity. She lives in the medieval castle of Montegridolfo, which she restored herself, has a huge yacht created as a result of the reconstruction of the former Soviet icebreaker Prometheus, beautiful boutiques around the world, including Russia, and her favorite work that she enjoys.

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