For more than thirty years, Versace fashion house has been pleasing true high fashion fans with its unrivaled clothing collections. Gianni Versace, the founder of the fashion house, managed to…

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The history of this Fashion House began with a hat boutique, which opened in 1890 in Paris. At that time, hats, varied in color, style, decoration, were an obligatory part…

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Hermes Fashion House is one of the most famous and oldest Parisian Houses. The company employs more than 4640 people, in addition, in the near future it is planned to…

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Brand Jean-Paul Gaultier

The famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) did not receive special education, but this fact did not prevent him from climbing the Olympus of fashion. The costume models he created are distinguished by sophistication, pronounced sensuality, light irony and outrageousness. He never follows generally accepted trends, preferring his own view of fashion. Originality, unpredictability, irony are characteristic features of his work. Many people do not like the shocking and provocative antics of Gauthier during the shows, but even the worst enemies do not deny his talent.

Jean-Paul Gaultier was born in the suburbs of Paris in 1952. His grandmother was a famous fortune teller who predicted a bright future for him. Little Jean-Paul did not like going to school, preferring to draw and sew outfits for the Nan teddy bear.

Once the teacher found him drawing styles of dresses during the lesson and put him on the blackboard, attaching sketches to his clothes. Jean-Paul stood with these sketches like a billboard, but he was not very upset: his classmates liked his models! You could say it was a success! This event confirmed his decision to become a fashion designer: he had dreamed about this since watching the film “Falbalas” (“Women’s Rags”) about the life of a Parisian couturier.

Parents supported his choice: on the day of the eighteenth birthday, his mother accompanied him to the Pierre Cardin Fashion House to get a job.
Gauthier fashion shows
Pierre Cardin entrusted the young man with the design of the plates: not quite what he wanted, but still! It was a good school: Jean-Paul studied the art of transforming the images of creative sources when creating his own works. A year later, he left this job, having entered a costume designer at Jean Patou fashion house, to return to Carden in 1974, but already a designer of clothing collections for the United States. The place of his new work was the city of Manila: production was located there, and it was necessary to exercise control. In the Philippines, he was waiting for success: there was no end to customers! Grandmother’s death changed plans – he returned to Paris.

In Paris, fed up with fashion, recognition did not immediately come to the designer. He presented his first collection to the public in 1976: woven rugs, table napkins, and dermatins were used as material for clothing models, which caused shock from the public. Today, leather pants are common, but then dermatin (artificial leather) was used for the first time. Of course, it was a lucky find!
Gauthier fashion models

Gauthier’s financial situation left much to be desired, until in 1978 his cooperation with the Japanese company Kashiyama began. Only then, having earned money, he was able to open his own Fashion House. The show of his fifth collection was a real sensation: he tried to break stereotypes by offering men skirts and women using corsets as outerwear, usually used as underwear. Today, corsets are already a classic!

Soon he was invited to co-host the English program Eurotrash: despite the obscenity and humor that reigned in her, he became a very popular person – he was asked for autographs on the streets, paparazzi hunted, fans gave flowers and gifts.

In 1990, Jean-Paul Gaultier developed several costumes for the Blond Ambition concert tour for Madonna, including the famous black cone-shaped bra, which played an important role in the singer’s image and her success with the public. He is connected with Madonna by a friendship that lasts a quarter of a century: Gauthier even offered her a hand and a heart! Many shocking and unusual concert costumes of the singer were created by him.

Outfit for Madonna by Gauthier In 1989, Jean-Paul Gaultier first tried his hand at cinema: he created costumes for Peter Greenaway’s film “The Chef, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.” The sexually aggressive dresses, tight skirts, corsets and breathtaking heels from Gauthier liked the director and organically fit into the outline of the film.

The successful experience in the cinema continued in 1993: the costumes for the film by P. Almodovar “Kika” were decided in the “bloody glamor” genre. The film was conceived as a parody on television, so the main character, leading the criminal news, in the frame resembles a victim of violence: torn edges of clothing, traces of blood, etc.

In 1995, Gauthier created costumes for the film “City of Lost Children”, and in 1997 – for the Luc Besson film “The Fifth Element”. He created 954 costumes for this science fiction movie! And they were truly fantastic!

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