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Armani Brand

The famous Italian brand Armani (Armani) is a symbol of prestige and respectability literally since its founding in 1975.

The creator of the brand, Giorgio Armani, did not immediately find his calling in life: he was destined to serve in the army on time, to work in the men’s clothing procurement department and as a window dresser in a department store, to undergo an internship with Nino Cerruti as a male line designer, and later – to become a freelance designer in various companies. Only forty years old, he opened his Fashion House in tandem with his friend and companion Sergio Galeotti.

Today Giorgio Armani S.p.A. – One of the largest fashion houses in the world with a retail sales turnover of more than 4 billion euros per year, and Giorgio Armani is its president, executive director and sole owner of a shareholding, which is very rare these days.

Revolutionary innovations in the field of men’s suits allowed Giorgio Armani to quickly rise to the top of fame: he made changes to the design of his business jacket, freeing him from hard linings and changing the cut so that the product became comfortable, but elegant, stylish and respectable. Among his revolutionary transformations in men’s suit is a combination of previously incompatible materials – tweed and denim, leather and wool, as well as the development of colored casual clothes for men.
Outfits from Armani
Brand Armani (Armani) – photo: Sasha Pivovarova in clothes from Armani

Giorgio Armani also used his revolutionary tricks in a women’s suit. He owns the idea of ​​creating an evening trouser suit, which allowed to bring this type of outfit from the category of office clothes to a group of products for special occasions. The designer’s women’s jacket breaks all ideas about this type of clothing: Armani uses soft, tight-fitting fabrics, removes pads, changes proportions, reduces the collar, softens the shoulder line, which gives the item a feminine and “languid” look. At the same time, business suits for the office from Armani acquire a sexy sound.

Giorgio Armani’s style is characterized by elegance and minimalism: nothing more! All collections of the Fashion House are united by an impeccable cut, clear lines, harmonious color and texture combinations of materials, high quality work, convenience and comfort.
Armani Fashion

Shortly after the opening of Armani Fashion House, licensing agreements were concluded with LOreal and Helena Rubinstein for the production of cosmetics and perfumes. The first perfume, created under the auspices of the Fashion House, was named in honor of its founder: it was lightweight, charm and was among the fresh, watery scents that are popular with young, active women. The men’s fragrances of the brand are designed for impressive, respectable men: they are an integral part of the image of a successful man.

Armani brand cosmetic products are recognized as one of the best in the world and are respected not only by users, but also among professionals.

Armani watches The image of a respectable brand supports the collections of watches from Armani, created in collaboration with the American concern Fossil. Elegant models of watches of non-trivial design for business men, a variety of fantasy product options, including ring watches for women – all brand products correspond to the high bar, which is designated by the name Giorgio Armani.

Today, the products of the empire of Giorgio Armani unite as many as seven brands:

Giorgio Armani – a brand of trendy clothing “Haute Couture”.

Armani Collezioni is a luxury brand that specializes in the manufacture of clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics of the highest quality.

Emporio Armani is the youth-friendly Armani brand product line. Emporio Armani collections take into account the most current fashion trends.

AJ Armani Jeans is a brand created by the designer to realize his most creative ideas when developing products for the youth assortment.

Armani Junior is a brand under which fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories for children are made.
Accessories from Armani
Armani brand (Armani) – photo: Armani accessories

Armani Casa is a product line for interior design. The furniture from Armani uses natural materials, original compositional solutions and harmonious combinations of the most elegant colors.

Armani Exchange is a brand of finished products available to the mass consumer.

Among fans of the Armani style are the names of the most famous personalities, such as Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Ornella Muti, Queen of Jordan Rania, David Bowie, Julia Roberts, Leonardo di Caprio, Robert De Niro, Brian Adame, George Clooney, Jodie Foster and others.
Armani Fashion Shows
Brand Armani (Armani) – photo: layering in outfits 1 and 3; showing fall-winter 2010-2011 on 2 photos; 4 photos – model from Armani Prive fashion show at Paris Fashion Week

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