Oscar de la Renta
A success story begins with trifles. You can work without sparing yourself, but you can’t get anywhere and remain unknown. You always need a small happy occasion - the appearance…

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Brand Calvin Klein
The prestigious American brand Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is a legend of modern fashion: its creator is considered the “Minister of Jeans,” because it was he who made the denim…

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Calvin Klein
One of the most respected and well-known in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein began its history in 1968. The company was founded by two old friends Barry Schwartz and Calvin…

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Brand Calvin Klein

The prestigious American brand Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is a legend of modern fashion: its creator is considered the “Minister of Jeans,” because it was he who made the denim an object for creativity and brought products from this material to the catwalks of the world! However, not only jeans made this brand famous: magnificent underwear, practical and stylish Unisex clothes, Swiss watches of excellent quality, perfume and cosmetics – all products of this brand are the standard of style combining simplicity, practicality and rationality with elegant classics and innovation.
Calvin Klein Collection

Brand History

The brand was founded in 1968 by two friends: Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, who opened an atelier for men’s clothing in New York. The distribution of roles in this tandem was clear: Schwartz gave money and dealt with economic issues, and Klein was a “generator of ideas” that he had a sea!

Calvin Klein was born into the family of a grocery merchant in 1942. Having decided to become a fashion designer in his childhood, he graduated first from the Higher School of Art and Design, and then from the Institute of Fashion Technology. After an internship in various fashion houses and ateliers, he decided to open his own business with the support of his parents and childhood friend, who needed a business companion in connection with the death of his father.
Calvin Klein 2010
Calvin Klein brand (Calvin Klein) – photo: Calvin Klein 2010 advertising poster

A happy accident helped the new enterprise to receive an order for 50 thousand dollars: the vice-president of the large trading house Bonvit-Teller accidentally saw the first collection of Kelvin Klein and was delighted!

Brand Development Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein)

Starting a career with clothes for men, Calvin Klein soon began to develop products for women. By the beginning of the 70s, he launched a line of sportswear and ready-to-wear models for women, then lines of underwear and accessories appeared. Since 1978, Calvin Klein has been actively engaged in the design of jeans, creating a universal look of trousers for all occasions. The decoration of jeans and elastic bands of men’s underpants by the brand name Calvin Klein marked the beginning of logomania – a whole trend in fashion. Now decorating products with a logo is a common thing, but then to many it seemed like a bad manners.
Shoes Calvin Klein

The creativity of Kelvin Klein is characterized by a minimalist style, characterized by clean lines, sharp cuts, sophistication of silhouettes, an unusual combination of materials, laconic design, and a neutral gamut of colors. The success of the collections of Kelvin Klein was amazing: in his products was everything that a modern person needs – convenience and beauty!

Watch Calvin Klein
However, not only talented design solutions ensured the commercial success of the Calvin Klein brand: advertising played a big role, in which the emphasis was on sensuality and sexuality. Not the brand’s products were shocking in the advertisement, but their presentation: open jeans, naked torsos, ambiguous slogans. So, the fifteen-year-old Brooke Shields looked quite decent in jeans advertising, and the caption under her photo was a hint and read: “There is nothing between me and my Calvin Klein!” Unusual advertising allowed the sale of jeans at a price of $ 50 at a usual cost of $ 25!

However, not always shocking publicity stunts went without a hitch: one day they had to pay a million dollars to the church for advertising jeans called “Last Supper by Calvin Klein”, in which half-naked young people of both sexes depicted a biblical-themed scene. Another time, nude ads from Kate Moss quickly had to be curtailed and publicly apologized to the public: an eighteen-year-old model was mistaken for a teenager and pedophilia charges appeared.

In 1992, Calvin Klein created the unisex style, which was a huge success with young people: it was to the taste of both boys and girls!

Kevin Klein was a pioneer in the development of double aromas in the unisex style: the same scent suited both men and women! Perfume of this brand is extremely popular all over the world and has the largest number of fakes. The following perfumes are the best-selling fragrances: CK One, CK Be, CK Euphoria, CK Truth, CK Obsession, CK Eternity.
Coat Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein brand (Calvin Klein) – photo: coat options by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein brand watches appeared in 1997 as a result of the creation of a joint venture with K Watch Co. Ltd, owned by the designer and largest Swiss watch manufacturer, the Swatch Group holding.

The company produces two watch lines: Calvin Klein Watches – “high” models and cK Watches – stylish watches for young people.
Calvin Klein brand today

In 2003, Kelvin Klein was sold to Phillips Van Heusen.

Today, the Calvin Klein empire is one of the richest and most successful modeling businesses in the world.

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