Coco Chanel Fashion

Kenzo brand
The famous Kenzo brand was founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, who came to Paris to realize his dream of becoming a fashion designer in 1965. His fate is like…

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Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent is a truly legendary name from the world of haute couture. Toilets from Yves Saint Laurent are considered a model of grace and elegance, the dream of…

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The laconic style of the famous Italian fashion designer Nino Cerruti, who dressed the main characters of Beauty and Basic Instinct, has long captivated the whole world from Tokyo to…

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Brand Alexander McQueen

The brilliant British designer Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) passed away on February 11, 2010, leaving a huge amount of interesting ideas, creative images and magnificent masterpieces of his work as a legacy to the fashion world. He turned every fashion show into an unforgettable show: either models showed outfits in the pouring rain, being a very sexual sight, then, walking along the catwalk in white muslin dresses, they became victims of robots creating unpredictable patterns on their dresses with the help of jets of colors. There were more shocking tricks – he was a master of shocking: in the summer collection of 1995, fashion models appeared before the public in dresses soiled with blood, which terrified everyone. This behavior of the young designer served as the basis for his nickname – “British Fashion Hooligan.” Continue reading

Brand Jean-Paul Gaultier

The famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) did not receive special education, but this fact did not prevent him from climbing the Olympus of fashion. The costume models he created are distinguished by sophistication, pronounced sensuality, light irony and outrageousness. He never follows generally accepted trends, preferring his own view of fashion. Originality, unpredictability, irony are characteristic features of his work. Many people do not like the shocking and provocative antics of Gauthier during the shows, but even the worst enemies do not deny his talent.

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Armani Brand

The famous Italian brand Armani (Armani) is a symbol of prestige and respectability literally since its founding in 1975.

The creator of the brand, Giorgio Armani, did not immediately find his calling in life: he was destined to serve in the army on time, to work in the men’s clothing procurement department and as a window dresser in a department store, to undergo an internship with Nino Cerruti as a male line designer, and later – to become a freelance designer in various companies. Only forty years old, he opened his Fashion House in tandem with his friend and companion Sergio Galeotti.

Today Giorgio Armani S.p.A. – One of the largest fashion houses in the world with a retail sales turnover of more than 4 billion euros per year, and Giorgio Armani is its president, executive director and sole owner of a shareholding, which is very rare these days. Continue reading

Brand Calvin Klein

The prestigious American brand Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) is a legend of modern fashion: its creator is considered the “Minister of Jeans,” because it was he who made the denim an object for creativity and brought products from this material to the catwalks of the world! However, not only jeans made this brand famous: magnificent underwear, practical and stylish Unisex clothes, Swiss watches of excellent quality, perfume and cosmetics – all products of this brand are the standard of style combining simplicity, practicality and rationality with elegant classics and innovation.
Calvin Klein Collection

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Donna Karan Brand

The extremely popular brand Donna Karan (Donna Karan) conquered the whole world with a harmonious combination of beauty and rationality of its products. The founder of the brand – an indigenous New Yorker – set the goal of her work to create high-quality, comfortable and, at the same time, elegant costumes for residents of megacities with their frantic pace of life. She succeeded at 100%!
Donna Karan fashion show

Donna Faske was born in 1948 on the outskirts of Manhattan. She started designing the costume not by accident: her father was a tailor, her mother was a fashion model, so drawing clothes was a natural and favorite pastime since childhood. After leaving school, Donna entered the Parson’s School of Design in New York, but failed to finish her studies. She was a sophomore when, in 1968, Anne Klein (Anne Klein) invited her to work at her Fashion House. Continue reading

Brand Jean-Paul Gaultier
The famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) did not receive special education, but this fact did not prevent him from climbing the Olympus of fashion. The costume models he…


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Roberto Cavalli
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