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Christian Dior
On January 21, 2007, the famous Christian Dior haute couture house celebrated its creator's 102nd birthday. Crossing the "boundaries" in the fashion world, the great designer Christian Dior invented the…

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Givenchy is a brand that stands at the top of high fashion Olympus. The clothes of this fashion brand are distinguished by aristocratic lines, expensive fabrics, full of dignity forms.…

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Dolce & Gabbana Brand
Novelty, non-standard and original solutions of the models, impeccable workmanship made the Dolce & Gabbana brand one of the most sought-after in the world literally from the moment of its…

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Roberto Cavalli

The Roberto Cavalli fashion house is one of the most noble houses, which has become an integral part of the high fashion world. The company’s turnover is $ 150 million per year and claims to be the fame of Versace himself.

The founder of the fashion house, Roberto Cavalli, was born in Florence in 1940 in a highly artistic family. Roberto Cavalli inherited his creative talent by inheritance, his maternal grandfather is the world famous Florentine artist – impressionist Giuseppe Rossi.

Following a family tradition, Roberto graduated from the Florentine Academy of Arts. It was there that he received the basic skills and knowledge in the field of design and fine art, which later came in handy to him. Continue reading

Calvin Klein

One of the most respected and well-known in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein began its history in 1968. The company was founded by two old friends Barry Schwartz and Calvin Klein. The first was involved in building and running a business. The designer talent of the second one created that unique spirit of natural beauty, sensual drawing and laconic purity of the lines that distinguish the world famous brand.

Thanks to the talent of the creators of the brand, it quickly attracted the attention of the audience and won fame and vocation. Throughout life, the creators of the fashion house have constantly developed their business, mastering all new directions, observing the latest trends and following the latest fashion trends, while steadily maintaining harmony of integrity, which is inherent only to real creators. Continue reading


Things from Balenciaga are very interesting, albeit rather controversial. Fashionable critics say that clothes of this brand are not perceived “on the fly”: they need to be understood, “digested”. And only after that you will understand whether they suit you or not.

Unusual texture, futuristic metallized fabrics, and immediately funny floral motifs – Balenciaga also has this. Sometimes contrasts strike on the spot. But, having recovered from the shock, you understand that this is the most fashionable trend of the season. And a little later – that a thing in this style must definitely replenish your wardrobe.

The history of the Balenciaga brand is divided into two periods. Continue reading


One can hardly find a person who has not heard the name of Giorgio Armani. The celebrity of this Italian designer can only compete with his ability to create masterpieces in the fashion world. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry or home decoration, every Armani creation is the epitome of style, charm and elegance. That is why it is difficult to believe that the appearance of the name Armani in the fashion world is no more than an accident.

The career of a designer began only with the position of an employee in the procurement department at one of Milan’s largest department stores. Nevertheless, it was there that 30-year-old Giorgio received knowledge about textiles and design, which allowed him to become a fashion designer, and after a few years – to establish his own brand of men’s clothing. Continue reading

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the most extraordinary fashion designers of our time. Fashion historians praise his workmanship and imagination. According to them, McQueen returned fashionability to fashion, sometimes even turning into provocative sexuality, returning lace, transparent fabric and lowered pants sitting on the waist so low that a hollow between the buttocks is visible.

Alexander McQueen is the son of a simple taxi driver, born in 1969. He drew his first dress at the age of three, and Alexander began to learn the skills of a fashion designer at the age of 16, when he became a cutter in one of the ateliers. After graduating from the prestigious College of Painting, Design and Fashion in St. Martins (a suburb of London), Alexander McQueen learned the basics of tailor’s art, first in London, then in Tokyo with Koji Tatsuno, and then in Milan with Romeo Gigli. Continue reading

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